Resilience is the ability to overcome, navigate through, bounce back, and grow while facing adversity. Organizational resilience is imperative during times of uncertainty and upheaval. Resilience is made up of learnable skills, and directly leads to enhanced problem solving, flexibility, and creativity. Attendees will examine specific real-life examples of organizational resilience, and how companies were able to survive and thrive while facing serious and unexpected economic threats due to Covid 19 and other disasters.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the latest research on resilience in individuals and organizations, and how resilience directly enables a company to “survive and thrive” amidst uncertainty and upheaval.
  • Develop straightforward Real-Time Resilience skills that can be used within organizations to conserve, protect, and expand their human, financial, and technical capital.
  • Learn specific strategies and creative mindsets to enhance and transform various areas of responsibility to more successfully meet unknown future challenges.