The existing global healthcare crisis has instigated many changes to the workplace, and with these changes came a wave of new wage payment preferences and trends. Now more than ever, employees want fast, reliable pay options and the ability to control their own financial wellness. Likewise, employers want a compliant and cost-effective way to deliver upon these expectations.

We invite you to join ADP, Visa, and Charter Communications in a lively panel discussion where we will discuss the importance of electronic pay, particularly during a crisis and financial tools your employees can benefit from. You will also learn best practices for safe, compliant and efficient pay and will gain valuable insights into how the world and future of pay are changing.

Learning Objectives:

  • The ease of compliance navigation and security benefits of digital payments
  • How cardholder spending behavior has been impacted & the latest payment trends
  • The benefits of offering electronic pay, and in particular pay cards, from a financial wellness perspective
  • Best practices from a leading telecommunications organization on how they have successfully navigated pay challenges during the existing crisis.

Charter Communications services 25 million customers in 41 states with approximately 90,000 employees nationwide.