Social Media, electronic communications and the smart devices that enable them, allow consumers many efficiencies. Most people trust their data to be safe and secure, but this is not the case – and even innocuous information people willingly contribute is creating a digital shadow that is growing larger, more accurate and potentially dangerous (and useful to a marketer or hacker) with each click, form fill, purchase or post. For example, information one provides could be putting him/her at risk for at least marketing solicitation. At worst, this information may be purchased for ridiculously low prices by cyber criminals to target us for financial, control, access to people, systems and locations and other malicious gain. At worst, the data we provide could contribute to crime rings where exploitation, manipulation, drug sales, and financial loss are commonplace. Recent high-profile breaches have caused alarm, but old habits die hard. This session will invite attendees into the minds of a marketer and a hacker. Don’t be afraid, be warned. We’ll scare you straight!