Exhibitor agrees to occupy and exhibit its products, systems, services in booth number(s) assigned above, or equivalent space in exposition specified above. Exhibitor agrees to pay the rental cost of such space, $2,500 per 10’x10’ booth, or $3,500 per 10’ x 10’ premium booth location. Management will provide curtain backwall and side dividers. In addition, Exhibitor will receive one (1) full employee registrations for the first booth space taken and one (1) full registration for each additional space taken.

CANCELLATION received in writing will result in liquidation damages as follows:
Until January 2, 2025 – 50% of total cost
After January 2, 2025 – 100% of total cost

Exhibitor agrees not to schedule meetings, social functions, or other events for attendees during conference program and exhibit hours. Management reserves the right to relocate Exhibitor in a booth other than specified above. Exhibitor accepts this as a part of the agreement and agrees to comply with the rules governing the exposition, as set forth on the reverse side of this contract. Please sign and return this contract. An executed copy of the contract will be returned for your files.