While substantial development is still needed before becoming mainstream, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finally making an entrance to the world of treasury operations. As rules-based AI, machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and generative forms of AI like natural language processing (NLP) become more productized, many treasury practitioners are already evaluating how to optimally leverage these solutions within their own companies. But is modern AI really ready for broad adoption within treasury and finance? And if so, in what areas can it best be applied? Given the pace of development and variety of individual use cases, treasury teams must understand the basics of what modern AI and ML are capable of before determining how any associated solutions can solve problems and create opportunities. In this session, John Kane – VP Pre-Sales at TIS – will help attendees establish a baseline understanding of AI and the various approaches to leveraging it. Given that use cases for AI can vary widely from company to company, treasury professionals must pay careful attention to how various solutions and capabilities can address their specific needs. By first understanding how AI works, teams can begin to evaluate what approaches are best suited for their unique operations, while also ensuring alignment with IT and external providers and partners. This session will provide a framework for practitioners to reference when developing a business strategy that enables AI tools to increase efficiency without jeopardizing the people and processes that treasury teams rely upon to execute their core mission.