Session 02

X - Executive, A - Advanced, I - Intermediate, B – Basic, G - GTOT Credit
CTP Preparatory Sessions are not available for CTP or FPAC credit.
*Presentation downloads are only available in the App, due to image copyright.


A Realistic Assessment of AI Adoption Within Treasury During 2024 (I)
The Way We Pay: 2024 & Beyond (I) (G)
Don’t Just Set It and Forget it. Investing Public Funds Across Texas: Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio (I) (G)
Is NOW the Right Time for In-House Bank? (I)
Mastering Treasury Analytics: How to Unlock Deeper Intelligence with AI for Actionable Insights (I) (E)
Cybersecurity in Finance and Unclaimed Property (B)
Building Treasury Resilience – Are You Ready? (I) (G)
CTP – Session 2 – Mastering CTP (ETM7) Materials (B)
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