Session 02

L - Leadership, T - Transformation, A - Advanced, I - Intermediate, B – Basic, F- FP&A Renewal Credit, G - GTOT Credit
CTP Preparatory Sessions are not available for CTP or FP&A credit.


Women In Finance (B) (F)
Driving Treasury Costs Down When Everything is Going Up (I) (G)
Likely Business Impacts of De-Globalization And Global Demographic Trends (A) (F)
Navigating the World of Cross-Border Payments, Trade and Risk (I)
Exploring Alternative Payments in the Government Space (I) (L) (G)
Worst Case Scenarios When Treasury Fails (I) (G) (T)
FPAC Roundtable (F)
VEC, BEC, Check…What the Heck?? (I) (G) (F)
CTP – Session 2 – Mastering CTP (ETM7) Materials (B)

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