Session 03

X - Executive, A - Advanced, I - Intermediate, B – Basic, G - GTOT Credit
CTP Preparatory Sessions are not available for CTP or FPAC credit.
*Presentation downloads are only available in the App, due to image copyright.


Navigating the Storm of Financial Disruption (I) (G)
Safety? Liquidity? Yield? Best practices for today’s corporate cash investor (I)
Working Capital – What It Means For Your Organization (I)
Dr. Strange – RFP, or How I learned to Stop Worrying (About a Complicated Process) and Love (Better Easier Bank RFP Results That Are) The Bomb (I) (G)
Adapting Roles: Women leaders share insights on work-life balance, parenthood and post pandemic dynamics (A) (E)
Embracing ISO 20022: A New Standard In Payments (I)
Treasury Career Corner Live (I)
CTP – Session 3 – Mastering CTP (ETM7) Materials (B)

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