Session 08

X - Executive, A - Advanced, I - Intermediate, B – Basic, G - GTOT Credit
CTP Preparatory Sessions are not available for CTP or FPAC credit.
*Presentation downloads are only available in the App, due to image copyright.


Let’s Talk about Escheatment (aka Unclaimed Property Compliance) (B)
ACH Payments Aren’t Going Anywhere (I)
Energy Industry Roundtable (I)
From Vulnerabilities to Viability: Addressing Technical Debt in Aging Tech Infrastructure (I)
Cash Optimization to Improve Return on Latent Cash (A) (E) (G)
Unlocking Value: Building A Business Case for Digital Receivables Transformation (I)
CTP – Session 8 – Mastering CTP (ETM7) Materials (B)
Coming Soon!