Session 01

L - Leadership, T - Transformation, A - Advanced, I - Intermediate, B – Basic, F- FP&A Renewal Credit, G - GTOT Credit
CTP Preparatory Sessions are not available for CTP or FP&A credit.


Taking politics out of ESG (I) (F)
U.S. and Texas Economic Update (I) (G) (F)
Becoming A Person Of Influence (B) (F)
Projecting an Executive Presence: Defining Your Personal Brand (L) (F)
From Business Partners to Strategic Advisors: Growing Treasury’s Mandate in the CFO’s Office (A) (T)
The Who, What & Why of FP&A (F)
Quelling “Quiet Quitting” – Principles and Practices for Enhancing Employee Engagement (I) (F)
CTP – Session 1 – Mastering CTP (ETM7) Materials (B)

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