The world of foreign exchange (FX) markets is complex. Businesses often grapple with opaque and discriminatory pricing practices, inadvertently contributing to excessive bank profits. Companies can reduce FX trading costs by 70-80% annually by leveraging data and embracing AI advancements. We’ll review case studies and practical examples, highlighting the impact of data-driven strategies in achieving cost efficiency. Join us to explore AI’s power in achieving information parity, revolutionizing how businesses navigate FX complexities.

  • Empower Treasurers: Equip corporate treasurers to challenge norms and optimize FX costs.
  • AI + FX data: Explore generative AI’s role in reshaping how companies handle FX data.
  • Strategic Advancements: Highlight recent AI developments revolutionizing FX decision- making.
  • Tech for Equity: Embrace innovations for a fairer and transparent FX market.

Technology Track Sponsored by HighRadius