“Visionary decision-making happens at the intersection of intuition and logic.” With an endless array of providers to choose from for every service, how do senior executives choose the right providers for their organizations? How do they ensure that dollars invested in service providers will yield improved efficiency and returns over time? How can they avoid sinking funds into providers that do not deliver the required value, and avoid needing to start again from square one? This session will explore the key considerations senior decision makers should keep in mind when evaluating service providers to augment their business operations. Attendees will hear from Axletree, a financial connectivity service provider, and one of their clients, in order to understand key takeaways from both sides of these critical business engagements. Emphasis will be placed on prioritizing stability, identifying core competencies, and utilizing client referrals to make intelligent choices to meet organizational needs.

  • How to identify a service provider’s core competency
  • How to assess whether a service provider will fit the organization’s needs
  • How to make use of referrals from existing clients