Mike Richards, CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Company has hosted a weekly Treasury Career Corner Podcast ever since 2018 where he interviews Treasurers about their treasury careers. In this LIVE version of the podcast Mike hosts a fireside relaxed chat style session where he interviews two leading Global Treasurers about how they achieved their career success, the challenges they’ve faced and overcome, and he talks to them about where they see the treasury profession going to next. As a Treasury Recruiter with over 25 years treasury recruitment expertise Mike has become used to asking the questions treasury professionals want to know about how they too can achieve their career goals – join him as he shares their amazing stories.

In this session, delegates get to hear the career highs and lows for two leading treasury professionals and get real practical advice they can use to enhance their career prospects. What career goals/plans did they set for themselves? How important do they consider treasury qualifications to be in relation to their careers?

We discuss / explore other areas such as; – Their careers to date, how they discovered treasury and how you got to where they are now? – What advice would they give to other treasury professionals? – Mistakes they have made along the way and what you can do to avoid them? – What advice they would give to other treasury professionals? – What do they see as the major trends / things to look for in treasury as it develops / grows? – The new world of blended work; WFH, hybrid & in-office and impact of this